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For up-to-date information about the PostgreSQL port, see PostgreSQL. This page is now obsolete.

PostgreSQL Project


This project is focused on modifying Spacewalk to support both Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.

The minimum supported version of Oracle is Oracle 10g.

Targeted version of PostgreSQL is 8.1+


  • Developer list: spacewalk-devel@… (signup)
  • IRC: #spacewalk-devel on (
  • git repo: branch "pgsql" ( last merged from master: 06-22-09 by jortel )
    git branch --track pgsql origin/pgsql
    git checkout pgsql


NameEmailIRC nick git Role/Responsibilities?
Todd Sandersmailto:tsanders@…tsanders Y
Jeff Ortelmailto:jortel@…jortel Y Technical Lead
Devan Goodwinmailto:dgoodwin@…dgoodwin Y
Greg De Koenigsbergmailto:gdk@…gregdekNCommunity Guy


Project Plan

Test Plan

Technical Approach


What's happening this week ...03/30/09

  • Getting perl stack connecting/working with postgres (dgoodwin)
  • Refactoring /schema directory into: (jortel)
    • common parts (done)
    • forked oracle parts (done)
    • forked postgres parts
  • Get build, install & packaging working with refactored directory (jortel).
    • oracle build working.
    • postgres build working but:
      • syntax problems in many of the procs
      • missing 119 trigger files.
Tables & Indexes 100% Details
Data (inserts) 100%
Views 100% Details
Triggers 50% Details 119 missing
Procedures 80% Details 13/57 loaded by EDB
Packages 70% Also needs .pks created.
Application infrastructure 30% Details
Query tagging 75% Details
Query migration:java 0%
Query migration:python 0%
Query migration:perl 0%

Branch Review

Project Issues

Project Tasks

Meeting Notes?

Worklog - What problems are being encountered in the "pgsql" branch and how they're being solved.

Development Notes - Notes on how to actually work with the as of yet unreleased PostgreSQL code in the pgsql git branch.

Testing Notes - Notes on current testing activities


Orafce: Oracle support functions

Ora2pg: Convert Oracle DDL to Postgres

Porting Documentation

Porting Oracle Applications to PostgreSQL

EnterpriseDB Oracle Compatibility Developer's Guide

Migrating Oracle PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL

Porting Guidelines

Postgres Porting guidelines Here are the initial guidelines on how to move ahead with this porting effort. This will be posted, discussed and finalized on the developer mailing list too, so please follow it up there.


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