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Welcome to the Yum Extender Development Page

What is Yum Extender a.k.a yumex

yumex is a GUI for the yum package manager, it is written i Python and is using the PyGTK toolkit for GUI Components.

Check the Yum Extender Homepage for more information.



  • To create a advanced yum gui with a lot of features for both the novice and the advanced users
  • To make it easy to update, install and remove application.
  • To make it easy to find applications.
  • Give the user a choice to see what is going on between behind the curtains.
  • To show the power of yum
  • Give the user access to some of the more advanced features of yum in an easy way.
  • Have fun.

Git Source Repository

The yumex source code is located at :

tarballs is located here: