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Welcome on the xmlto project page

xmlto is a shell-script tool for converting XML files to various formats.

At the moment it supports conversion from docbook, xhtml1 and fo format to various output formats (awt, fo, htmlhelp, javahelp, mif, pdf, svg, xhtml, dvi, html, html-nochunks, man , pcl, ps, txt, xhtml-nochunks, epub).

It uses passivetex(default)/fop/dblatex for processing, just provides easy to use command line frontend to make fine output without remembering many long options and searching for syntax.

Current sources of xmlto could be found at . Tarballs are available at

Older versions (up to 0.0.20) could be found at .

Useful xmlto informations are at Tim Waugh's pages

Porting to other platforms

xmlto is primarily designed for the Linux environment, but design is intended to be as portable as possible. Primary issue is usually with the getopt() availability/compatibility. If you managed to make port to some non-Linux environment and you think other may benefit from your work, feel free to contact me and I'll post the link here.

Documentation links:

web manpage for xmlto 0.0.28

web manpage for xmlif

How to checkout sources and contribute:

You can checkout the latest sources by

svn checkout

Feel free to propose patches either here via trac or send me them to ovasik@… . Please let me know if you don't want to be listed in THANKS file. Thanks in advance!


Latest released version - xmlto 0.0.28 released on Nov 18th 2015 . Changes are very minor, primarily bugfixes (lack of time for bigger features, sorry... patches are welcome, though).

What is new in xmlto-0.0.28 and xmlto-0.0.27

  • remove several bashisms from scripts
  • add new option --profile for preprocessing documents with profiling stylesheet
  • fix several potential crashes in xmlif (found by static analysis)
  • xmlto-0.0.28 fixes broken temp files removal

Current TODO list for future releases (release date unknown at the moment ;) ):

  • fix possible issues from 0.0.28
  • support for xmlroff
  • documentation/message improvements
  • better handling of currently always overriden xsl variables (e.g. encoding related)

If you have any ideas what could/should be done in xmlto, feel free to contact me at mailto:ovasik@… . Thanks in advance

Ondřej Vašík