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wevisor is a web-based interface to creating kickstart files and generating iso images. It is the web equivalent of system-config-kickstart. It is in a pre-alpha state. If you test wevisor, please give us feedback on bugs and feature requests (or any other comments).

Testing wevisor

We are currently (since August 1st) running public alpha testing at

  • Don't get too attached to anything that you put up there, since we may randomly rebuild the database wiping all users and templates..
  • But you can export it (clicking on import shows the kickstart data, and then save it on your computer, and when you want to work on it again just make a user again and make a template and go to import kickstart)

The Wiki

You can get to the wevisor wiki page at

Getting wevisor

  • Run these commands in a terminal (will work in fedora 7,8, some tampering is needed to get it working in fc6): (don't forget about the requirements before running this (see below) )
    git clone git://      #get the latest source
    cd wevisor                                                    #cd into root directory of the project
    ./                                                #initialize the database and 
    ./                                            #start wevisor, the repo is currently set to port 8081 (configure dev.cfg to change it)
  • or just browse the source at


  • Python (2.4.4 or later [may work on earlier versions, but untested]) - A great language
  • yum (3.2.2 or later) - The fedora package dependency checking / package management system
  • pykickstart (fedora 7,8 version) - a python library (included in the default fedora distro) that builds and parses kickstart files
  • TurboGears - A python web framework
  • SQLAlchemy - an object relational mapper

as root, run:

yum install TurboGears pykickstart python-sqlalchemy

Known Bugs and New Bugs

If there are known bugs or you have a new bug you would like to submit, the ticketing system is located at or for new bugs, go to