Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Fedora Hosted?

Fedora Hosted is a project sponsored by the Fedora Project to allow upstream developers to host their code and collaborate online.

How can I request a new project?

File a work ticket with the Fedora Infrastructure team.

Where can I go for help?

The best ways to get help are to join the #fedora-admin IRC channel on Freenode or to open a ticket with the Fedora Infrastructure team.

How can I get a Fedora Hosted account?

Your normal Fedora Project account works with Fedora Hosted. Simply apply for a Fedora Project account if you haven't already. Do note that you must sign a Contributor License Agreement with the Fedora Project in order to contribute code.

How do I configure git so that I can push to my Fedora Hosted repo?

Do a git clone of your repo. Then, in your repo's directory on your system, edit .git/config under the [remote "origin"] section to follow the following pattern for the URL setting:

url = ssh://

How can I publish archive releases (tgz, zip, etc) for my project?

Create the archive on your workstation and run scp myProject-0.1.tar.gz<Project Name>. The archive will be located under

How can I delete something I uploaded to my archive?

Please file a ticket in the fedora-infrastructure trac listing the exact file you wish removed and why

Is there a more convenient way to access releases than the path /releases/m/y/myproject?

There is. will go to the same place. The disadvantage of this is you must know the project name and can't browse for projects.

I just got a new git repository, how can I push/pull?

Before anyone can clone/push the new repository a master push must be done with the command (from your local git repo): git push ssh:// master

How do I get permission to commit to a project?

You should apply for the commit group of the project, which should be <scm><project>, e.g. for the desktop-effects project, apply to the gitdesktop-effects group.

While I wait for my repository to be created, can I work on my code elsewhere?

Of course. Visit for instructions on how to set up a temporary repository in your space.

Why does hg tells me the repository doesn't exist even though I know I have the correct URL?

Unfortunately hg doesn't use true URLs. You have to use a "/" as a delimiter between hostname and path and a second "/" as the root of the filesystem path. For instance, if you're accessing the repository for authconfig you need to use "hg clone ssh://"

Can I offer pre-compiled binaries on Fedora Hosted?

You may, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The code project must be available under a Free Software license appropriate for Fedora.
  2. You must make the source code you used to build the binaries available, and not distributed in the same tarball, or at a minimum make available a "source only" tarball.
  3. You must provide clear instructions for building the software.