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virt_web is a simple web based front end to The design focus is just on virtual machine management. Sort of a stepping stone between managing just a handful of virtual machines and a full on cloud.


  • Utilizes qpid for communicating between the web application and nodes.
  • Only a small set of packages required on each node and no additional firewall rules.
  • Front end based on TurboGears2 framework
  • Full api for automation.

For more information see Features or our Screen Shots

Design Goals

  • Do everything that libvirt can do
  • Allow for easy bulk operations
  • Create an easy view into what a series of libvirt nodes look like


git clone git://

Then just follow the docs in virt_web/README.txt


Developer Docs

How does it work

Each node you wish to manage will run libvirt-qpid which will contact a qpid server you setup. The qpid server could be the same host that runs the frontend.

node1  node2  node3
  \      |     /
   \     |    /
    \    |   /
     \   |  /
     QPID broker
 virt_web interface


Q: Can I use this to manage my cloud?

A: Maybe, but if you want a full cloud solution go look at

Q: What is left to implement?

A: Right now, a lot. Check out our roadmap.