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sxconsole is a tool used to extract various report types and then analyze those extracted reports with plugins. The tool also provides an archiving structure so that all the compressed and extracted reports are saved to a directory. This tool was developed for sysreport/sosreports but has been expanded to include any report that has a class defined.

sxconsole is the command-line interface to the sx library. The sx library contains the classes and functions to extract and then analyze the reports. The python script sxconsole takes a collection of "REPORTS" which are files and then will extract those reports to a unique directory. It will archive the compressed reports and the extracted reports. After the reports are extracted then all the enabled plugins will be ran against all the reports.

All the core files, reports, plugins are located in the python directory: /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sx/.

The first time that sxconsole is ran a configuration directory will be created. A user can create their own "Report" types and "Plugins" and then place them in their user configuration directory located. Each directory needs to contain an empty file called so that modules within can be loaded: ~/.sx/{sxreports, sxplugins}/.

The python script sxconsole will extract different report types to an archived directory that the user specifies. The currently supported report types are:

  • sosreport
  • sysreport
  • satellite-debug
  • rhev log debugger

sxconsole can add non-report files to a archived ticket which means all the files can be kept in same location. After the reports are extracted, sxconsole can then run various plug-ins on those reports. For example:

  • Run checksysreport against all sosreports.
  • Run clusterha tests on sosreports which include:
    • Create a summary file that contains various information about cluster and nodes.
    • Create a human readable report file about the clustered services and virtual machines.
    • Create a report file that checks for configuration issues related to the cluster.
    • Create a report file that compares various information in the sosreports against other sosreports.

What is the prerequisites for sx?

All these prereqs will be pulled in from your distro yum repo when installing the binary:

  • python >= 2.6.5
  • checksysreport >= 1.0-7 (optional)

How to install SX with the binary rpms?

See the following FAQ link: How to install the binary rpm package for sx?

How do you get the source code for this project?

$ cd ~/git
$ git clone git://
$ cd ~/git/sx 
$ git config --add

For more information on how to use git with sx then see the following article: Development information about sx. In addition, the following article describes how the rpm package is built: How to build the rpm package for sx.

These are links to wiki articles related to the sx project: