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  • This release is the last supported upstream release in the 1.9.x series. Users of sssd-1.9 are advised to upgrade to sssd-1.11
  • A memory leak in the netgroup code of the NSS responder was fixed
  • Subdomains inherit min_id/max_id limits of parent domains. The user-visible effect of this bug was that adding system users or groups with shadow-utils took too long.
  • The default_domain_suffix is ignored in the autofs responder, making it possible to use default_domain_suffix along with autofs integration
  • Several fixes related to Kerberos DIR cache support were backported from later releases

Tickets Fixed

Detailed Changelog

Aron Parsons (1):

  • do not use default_domain_suffix with autofs

Jakub Hrozek (7):

  • Bumping the version for 1.9.7
  • Inherit ID limits of parent domains if set
  • PROXY: Handle empty GECOS
  • LDAP: Split out a request to search for a user w/o saving
  • LDAP: Search for original DN during auth if it's missing
  • LDAP: Initialize user count for AD matching rule
  • Updating translations for the 1.9.7 release

Lukas Slebodnik (6):

  • NSS: Fix memory leak in sss_setnetgrent
  • AUTOTOOLS: krb5 1.12 is also supported krb5 libs
  • LDAP: Setup periodic task only once.
  • Fix wrong detection of krb5 ccname
  • Every time return directory for krb5 cache collection.
  • Do not switch to credentials everytime.

Simo Sorce (1):

  • proxy: Allow initgroup to return NOTFOUND