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This test ensures that users stored in LDAP can log in using native SSS library,

How to test

  1. Follow the steps in Installing the SSSD. If you are running the Test Day LiveCD, you may skip this step. Especially ensure that you have the right contents of /etc/pam.d/system-auth.
  2. Edit /etc/sssd/sssd.conf. Find the [domains/LDAP] section and uncomment the following authentication settings:
    auth-module = ldap
    ldapUri = ldap://
    userSearchBase = dc=fedoraproject,dc=org
  3. restart sssd
    service sssd restart
  4. The LDAP server at provides users named sssdtestNNNNN where NNNNN is a number from 10000 to 10100. The server also provides a few other users with special usernames:
    sssd-test:x:11004:11004:SSSD 1 test user:/home/sssd-test:/bin/bash
    sssd.test:x:11001:11001:SSSD 1 test user:/home/sssd.test:/bin/bash
    sssd:test:x:11003:11003:SSSD 1 test user:/home/sssd:test:/bin/bash
    sssd@test:x:11002:11002:SSSD 1 test user:/home/sssd@test:/bin/bash
    sssd_test:x:11005:11005:SSSD 1 test user:/home/sssd_test:/bin/bash
  5. Make sure the SSH deamon is running. If not, start it
    service sshd status
    service sshd start
  6. Pick one of the sssdtestNNNNN users. All these users have the same password "sssdtest".
  7. Try logging in via SSH using the username you chose and password "sssdtest"
    ssh localhost -l sssdtest10005@LDAP
  8. This test is known to fail. There is a bug in the authentication code. You may skip this test if you wish Test offline support by terminating your network connection (e.g. unplugging your network cable or turning off your WiFI card), then rerun the above tests and verify that they return the same results. To minimize delays while the LDAP server is offline, consider the following settings for your /etc/ldap.conf:
    timelimit 10
    bind_timelimit 5
    nss_reconnect_maxsleeptime 2
    nss_reconnect_sleeptime 1
  9. Clean up after this test by commenting out the configuration entries from step 2, above and restart the service:
    service sssd restart