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Milestone: SSSD Referrals Feature (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Version
#860 [RFE] SSSD should chase referrals explicitly new sgallagh critical LDAP Provider 1.5.7

Milestone: SSSD 2.0 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Version
#873 allow sssd to know about failover conditions or 'online' and 'offline' authn/authz stacks new somebody major SSSD 1.5.7
#2014 [RFE] SSSD should offer the contents of /etc/passwd and /etc/group in the fastcache new somebody major NSS 1.10.0
#1469 [RFE] Implement LOCAL provider as a real provider new somebody minor SSSD 1.8.4

Milestone: SSSD Deferred (69 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Version
#901 [Feature] Implement support for the LDAP served maps new somebody critical SSSD 1.5.8
#1012 [RFE] Add a Kerberos provider option to set rdns=False new okos critical Kerberos Provider 1.6.1
#88 Make sure ldap bind doesn't block reopened mnagy major LDAP Provider 0.4.1
#151 Use the ELAPI event logger for audit information new jhrozek major SSSD 0.5.0
#303 RFE: get[pw|gr]ent should return previously cached users when enumeration = false reopened simo major NSS 0.99.0
#313 RFE: Add SSSDDomain.list_provider_subtypes() call to SSSDConfig API new sgallagh major SSSDConfig API 0.99.0
#314 RFE: Add SSSDDomain.get_provider(<subtype>) new sgallagh major SSSDConfig API 0.99.0
#315 RFE: Add SSSDDomain.get_domain_options() and SSSDDomain.get_provider_options() new sgallagh major SSSD 0.99.0
#359 SSSD NSS should support host map new simo major NSS 1.0.0
#376 Integrate SSSD with NTP new sgallagh major SSSD 1.0.0
#445 Support for rfc2307bis should also read the memberUid attribute. new somebody major SSSD 1.1.0
#481 [RFE] autodiscover Kerberos domain through TXT records new jhrozek major Kerberos Provider 1.1.1
#569 [REF] Add option like pam_password_prohibit_message of pam_ldap new sbose major PAM 1.2.1
#609 SSSD LDAP provider should support ldapi:// for optimized lookups on a local LDAP server new somebody major LDAP Provider 1.3.1
#626 memberOf performance enhancements new sgallagh major LDAP Provider 1.3.1
#669 Create yubikey auth provider new sbose major SSSD 1.4.0
#671 Allow HBAC provider to be used with non-IPA LDAP servers new somebody major IPA Provider 1.4.0
#744 [RFE] Add a "client profile" configuration parameter new somebody major SSSD 1.4.1
#791 [enh] support authorizedService for LDAP groups. new somebody major SSSD 1.5.0
#826 SSSD IPA provider should implement GSS-TSIG natively new somebody major IPA Provider 1.5.3
#883 Optimize the memberof plugin assigned jzeleny major SSSD 1.5.8
#899 RFE: add option to add OIDs of supported but not listed LDAP controls new somebody major SSSD 1.5.8
#903 [RFE] sssd shouldn't use ipv6 if it is disabled new somebody major SSSD 1.5.8
#908 PAM_RHOST may contain the IP address of the remote host new somebody major Async Resolver 1.5.8
#931 Support access-control similar to pam_groupdn in LDAP new somebody major LDAP Provider 1.5.11
#959 Provide a new option for different ways of dealing with multi-valued names not matching RDN new jzeleny major SSSD 1.6.0
#961 Optionally allow expanding of groups outside of the group search base new somebody major LDAP Provider master
#992 Create a way to notify an external consumer about changes to the UID/GID new somebody major SSSD 1.6.1
#1025 RFE Central management of pam_limits new somebody major SSSD 1.5.1
#1124 Provide more options to return names in case insensitive domains new somebody major SSSD 1.6.3
#1161 [Feature] Enumeration should be configurable on a per-map basis new somebody major NSS 1.7.0
#1286 RFE: allow checking both 'member' and 'uniqueMember' new somebody major SSSD 1.8.1
#1381 [RFE] Support failover authentication capabilities between Kerberos and LDAP new somebody major SSSD 1.8.4
#1386 [RFE] add way to list default options new somebody major SSSD 1.8.4
#1475 [RFE] Create a way to self seed the system when system is offline and the cred cache is lost new somebody major SSSD 1.8.4
#1990 [RFE] Add option to store user kerberos creds in keyring permanently and rekinit new somebody major Kerberos Provider 1.9.5
#2004 [RFE] Add nested groups support for sssd ldap access filter new somebody major SSSD
#2012 [RFE] Support NTLM authentication when GSSAPI NTLM mech is available new somebody major SSSD 1.10.0
#2042 [RFE] Create a library to control SSSD configuration new somebody major SSSD 1.10.1
#2099 [RFE] Read and use SSH keys stored in Active Directory new somebody major SSH Keys 1.11.0
#44 Create a -devel package for SSSD back-ends assigned sgallagh minor Data Provider 1.0
#217 [RFE] Support pulling client configuration from ldap new sgallagh minor SSSD master
#348 RFE: provide a facility for renaming a group new jhrozek minor sss_tools 1.0.0
#361 Create native NIS backend new sgallagh minor Data Provider 1.0.0
#362 Integrate with dnsmasq new jhrozek minor LDAP Provider 1.0.0
#416 SSSD should perform input-validation for values in sssd.conf new dpal minor SSSD 1.0.5
#463 Support/Cache OpenAFS Authentication new sbose minor Kerberos Provider 1.0.2
#675 Add UID/GID uniqueness plugin for LDB new simo minor SysDB 1.4.0
#678 Add 'nullok' option to pam_sss new somebody minor SSSD 1.4.0
#689 Split sssd-ldap man page new somebody minor SSSD 1.4.1
#773 Investigate one-level indexing in ldb new somebody minor SysDB 1.5.0
#801 RFE: SSSDConfig set_option() should accept a list and convert it into CSV new sgallagh minor SSSDConfig API 1.5.1
#884 RFE: Support change in uid and gid number for the same user. new somebody minor Kerberos Provider 1.5.8
#948 Provide an option to limit how far in advance the password expiration is displayed new somebody minor PAM 1.5.11
#965 create generic D/S-bus interface for worker processes used by providers new somebody minor SSSD 1.6.0
#993 SSSD should do failover DNS lookups in parallel new jhrozek minor Failover 1.6.1
#1015 RFE: Make storing period for password configurable new somebody minor SSSD master
#1039 [RFE] Improve SSSD operation on diskless systems new somebody minor SSSD
#1045 SIGUSR2 should force SSSD to reread resolv.conf as well assigned arielb minor SSSD 1.6.1
#1091 Pass usernames from the NSS responder as byte arrays, not UTF-8 strings new somebody minor SSSD 1.6.3
#1093 RFE: Allow Normalizing Names new somebody minor SSSD master
#1244 Performance enhancement when looking up case-insensitive netgroups new somebody minor SSSD 1.8.0
#1264 RFE: Allow overriding sssd.conf with secondary config file new dpal minor SSSD 1.8.1
#1597 [RFE] Add option for sss_cache to force enumerate new somebody minor SSSD master
#1676 [RFE] move the ldb files on RPM downgrades if the version was different new somebody minor SSSD 1.9.2
#1723 [RFE] Expand kerberos ticket renewal new somebody minor SSSD 1.9.3
#1982 [RFE] ldap_access_filter with variable expansion new somebody minor SSSD 1.9.5
#444 RFE: use mmap to handle parent-child communication new somebody trivial SSSD 1.1.0
#792 Stripped Down SSSD PAM Module to support FreeIPA HBAC reopened somebody trivial SSSD 1.5.0

Milestone: Tools Deferred (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Version
#1261 Add JSON serialization to libcollection new somebody critical libcollection 1.8.1
#1262 Add express arrays via collection new somebody critical libcollection 1.8.1
#155 COLLECTION - Add functions to persist collection to a file and restore from file. new dpal minor libcollection 0.5.0
#308 COLLECTION - allow collection object to use memory functions provided by caller new dpal minor libcollection 0.99.0
#613 Consider converting all ding-libs unit test to libcheck new somebody minor Common 1.3.1

Milestone: SSSD 1.11.6 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Version
#1853 [RFE] Allow sssd to replace macro (ie. %H) with value specified in config file assigned lslebodn critical SSSD
#2203 Write message to syslog about users with duplicated UID assigned pbrezina minor SSSD 1.11.3

Milestone: SSSD 1.12 beta (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Version
#1534 [RFE] Integrate SSSD with CIFS client assigned sbose blocker SSSD 1.8.4
#2151 [RFE] Integrate SSSD with containers new lslebodn blocker SSSD 1.11.2
#1021 [RFE] Add domains= option to pam_sss new nalin critical PAM 1.5.1
#1588 [RFE] Allow SSSD to be used with smbd shares assigned sbose critical SSSD master
#1835 [RFE] Implement localauth plugin for MIT krb5 1.12 new somebody critical SSSD 1.9.4
#1854 [RFE] Add option for sssd to replace space with specified character in LDAP group new lslebodn critical SSSD
#2072 [RFE] Provide an experimental DBus responder to retrieve custom attributes from SSSD cache assigned jhrozek critical SSSD 1.11.0
#2073 [RFE] Extend the LDAP backend to retrieve extended set of attributes assigned jhrozek critical SSSD 1.11.0
#2117 [RFE] SID-Mapping: Store non-POSIX users in cache if they have a SID new somebody critical SSSD 1.11.1
#2150 [RFE] Expose listing calls over D-BUS new somebody critical SSSD 1.11.2
#2227 [RFE] Expose domain object over DBus assigned jhrozek critical SSSD 1.11.3
#2159 [RFE] Support initgroups for unauthenticated AD users new somebody major SSSD 1.11.2
#2182 [RFE] Add the possibility to add custom attributes for the local provider new somebody major SSSD 1.11.2
#2187 [RFE] Expose different identity domains to different D-BUS consumers new somebody major SSSD 1.11.3
#2197 [RFE] Add an idmap plugin for the NFS client new somebody major SSSD 1.11.3
#2212 [RFE] Add fallback to sudoRunAs when sudoRunAsUser is not defined and no ldap_sudorule_runasuser mapping has been defined in SSSD new somebody major SSSD
#2240 [RFE] make nss/pam modules released independently of SSSD source tree new somebody major SSSD 1.11.3
#2254 [RFE] Create a library to simplify usage of D-Bus responder new pbrezina major SSSD 1.11.4
#2286 sssd don't get some nested groups users new somebody major SSSD
#697 Use command line arguments instead env vars for krb5_child new sbose minor Kerberos Provider 1.4.1
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