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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#575 [path_utils] dead storage in path_utils.c new dpal defect minor Tools 2.0
#576 [dhash] dead assignment in hash_get_default() new dpal defect minor Tools 2.0
#1634 Extract the UPN from the pac assigned sbose defect critical SSSD Deferred
#1983 move the sudo library outside libdir new mmsrubar defect major SSSD 1.13 beta
#2205 Always store home directory expansions to sysdb new preichl defect major SSSD 1.13 beta
#2429 contrib/ci/run script: CI script cannot be executed from different directory. assigned lslebodn defect critical SSSD Continuous integration
#2507 Cyclic dependencies between sssd-ldap and krb5-common assigned lslebodn defect major SSSD 1.12.5
#2630 Overrides with --login work in second attempt new somebody defect major SSSD 1.12.5
#1108 [RFE] SUDO: Support the IPA schema new mmsrubar enhancement minor SSSD 1.15 beta
#1497 [RFE] Add a general-purpose D-Bus responder for ticket monitoring new somebody enhancement minor SSSD 1.15 beta
#2117 [RFE] SID-Mapping: Store non-POSIX users in cache if they have a SID new preichl enhancement major SSSD 1.13 backlog
#2197 [RFE] Add an idmap plugin for the NFS client new somebody enhancement major SSSD Deferred
#1127 Create test program for krb5_child and ldap_child assigned jhrozek task major SSSD 1.14 beta
#2417 refactor sdap_nested_group_hash_group new preichl task major SSSD 1.13 alpha
#2615 refactor pam_reply() new somebody task minor NEEDS_TRIAGE
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