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#1108 [RFE] SUDO: Support the IPA schema assigned pbrezina enhancement blocker SSSD 1.13.3
#1127 Create test program for krb5_child and ldap_child assigned jhrozek task major SSSD 1.14 beta
#1634 Extract the UPN from the pac assigned sbose defect critical SSSD Deferred
#2429 contrib/ci/run script: CI script cannot be executed from different directory. assigned lslebodn defect critical SSSD Continuous integration
#2449 Enable the sssd krb5 localauth plugin by default assigned lslebodn enhancement critical SSSD 1.14 beta
#2734 refactor nsupdate_msg_create_common assigned preichl enhancement minor SSSD Deferred
#2747 get_object_from_cache() does not handle services assigned pcech defect minor SSSD 1.13.3
#2808 Replace hexadecimal debug level code in log messages with a text tag assigned pcech enhancement major SSSD 1.13.3
#2865 sssd_nss memory usage keeps growing on sssd-1.12.4-47.el6.x86_64 (RHEL6.7) when trying to retrieve non-existing netgroups assigned preichl defect critical SSSD 1.13.3
#2872 DDNS - add server and realm commands for AAAA assigned preichl defect major SSSD 1.14 alpha
#575 [path_utils] dead storage in path_utils.c new dpal defect minor Tools 2.0
#576 [dhash] dead assignment in hash_get_default() new dpal defect minor Tools 2.0
#1497 [RFE] Add a general-purpose D-Bus responder for ticket monitoring new somebody enhancement minor SSSD 1.15 beta
#1632 [RFE] Unable to use AD provider for automount lookups new somebody enhancement minor SSSD 1.14 alpha
#1983 move the sudo library outside libdir new mmsrubar defect major SSSD 1.13 backlog
#2117 [RFE] SID-Mapping: Store non-POSIX users in cache if they have a SID new preichl enhancement major SSSD 1.13 backlog
#2197 [RFE] Add an idmap plugin for the NFS client new somebody enhancement major SSSD Deferred
#2205 Always store home directory expansions to sysdb new preichl defect major SSSD 1.13 backlog
#2417 refactor sdap_nested_group_hash_group new preichl task major SSSD 1.14 beta
#2476 Return domain of the authenticated user in PAM environment new mzidek enhancement major SSSD 1.14 beta
#2615 refactor pam_reply() new preichl task minor SSSD 1.13 backlog
#2818 Investigate if Samba4 in Fedora can be used for SSSD CI new nkondrashov task major SSSD 1.13.3
#2836 Add support for iCal based time rules to libipa_hbac new stlaz enhancement major SSSD 1.14 alpha
#2881 MAN: Clarify that subdomains always use service discovery new somebody defect minor SSSD 1.14 alpha
#2525 Monitor SIGKILL timer issue and service restart failure reopened sgallagh defect minor SSSD 1.13.3
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