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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#272 bash completion script new defect minor SSSD Deferred SSSD
#769 LDAP provider and dynlist overlay new defect major SSSD Deferred LDAP Provider
#1210 src/man/po/po4a.cfg needs to be autogenerated new defect minor SSSD 1.14 beta Build Environment
#2493 Check chown_debug_file() usage new defect major SSSD 1.12.5 SSSD
#151 Use the ELAPI event logger for audit information new enhancement major SSSD Deferred SSSD
#348 RFE: provide a facility for renaming a group new enhancement minor SSSD Deferred sss_tools
#362 Integrate with dnsmasq new enhancement minor SSSD Deferred LDAP Provider
#481 [RFE] autodiscover Kerberos domain through TXT records new enhancement major SSSD Deferred Kerberos Provider
#993 SSSD should do failover DNS lookups in parallel new enhancement minor SSSD Deferred Failover
#1591 [RFE] Allow locally defined groups to include groups from different domains new enhancement critical SSSD 1.13 alpha SSSD
#2553 RFE: Add support for wildcard-based cache updates assigned enhancement major SSSD 1.13 alpha Data Provider
#1126 Reuse nss_cmd_getpwnam_search() in responder code new task critical SSSD 1.13 beta SSSD
#1127 Create test program for krb5_child and ldap_child assigned task major SSSD 1.14 beta SSSD
#2570 Document how to handle setups that only wish to include certain groups assigned task major SSSD 1.12.5 SSSD
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