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Smolt is a basic hardware profiler. Its intended to be a profiler to get automated information from users. This should make it easier for our developers to do what they need to do. How can you help? Well look at the code and make it better. It's still in the very early stages but has good potential. Please contact [ ] Mike McGrath? for more info.

Legacy Clients

If you're interested in running smolt on FC-3 or 4 please see the Clients page.


Smolt has a very small scope targeting just Fedora and Fedora based OS's. For more information please see Scope

Whats done


  • Fuller test on more hardware and architecture
  • More statistical information on the stats page
  • User generated queries from the database
  • Move production Fedora hardware
  • Better device info (both by popularity and by box)
  • Privacy policy


  • Printable form of the hardware for authoring.
  • Support reporting from behind proxies or a way to report intranet clients

Use / Installation

Clients are now available for many Linux operating systems. Please see Usage for downloads and installation guides.

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