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What Is It?

The slapi-nis package contains NIS Server plugin and Schema Compatibility plugin for use with Red Hat Directory Server and 389 Directory Server (formerly known as Fedora Directory Server).

NIS Server plugin

The NIS Server plugin is a Network Information Service server implementation which serves content from a directory server using the NIS protocol. While it is typically expected to be used to provide clients with information about users and groups, it can also be configured to provide other types of data.

The notes on getting started, along with the rest of the documentation is in the source repository. A template example configuration is also available.

Schema Compatibility plugin

The NIS plugin's ability to optionally retrieve information from multiple entries to construct its maps was useful enough to make providing similar abilities to LDAP clients worthwhile, so the Schema Compatibility plugin was built using some of the NIS Server's internals.

The Schema Compatibility plugin is described here. A template example configuration is also available.


These plugins are extensively used by FreeIPA project. Best place to post your questions is freeipa-users mailing list. You can also look into mailing list archive.


Proper releases can be found here.

For Developers

NIS basics

Get the Sources

You can check out the sources by running:

$ git clone git://

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