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SelfTest is a tool for testing and educating people. You can create a set of questions of type:

  • a/b/c... questions
  • questions like "How to print directory you are in?" (when pwd or echo $PWD or whatever else is answered, it is safely evaluated by server and determined it is a correct answer or not)
  • questions with regular expression which is used to evaluate answer

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.


2011-11-12: Beta version 0.9

Major changes:

  • The format of questions was changed
  • Possibility to e-mail the results
  • Possibility to have multiple test sets
  • Possibility to "grep" question answers for patterns


2011-06-06: Beta version 0.5


  • Enjoy this beta. We are looking for feedback (mostly on stability and security - lot of things can be done here)
  • See packaged README for some howto on how to run this
  • See CreatingNewTestSet if you want to create new test set (do not forget to email it to us once you are done with it so we can add it for public use)
  • Do not be brave and please run this in some virtual machine or machine used only for this, this was not extensively tested for security and skilled player might be able to do some bad things