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Thorough, Safe & Secure

Spin description

The Fedora Security Spin is a livecd based on Fedora to provide a safe test-environment for working on security-auditing, forensics and penetration-testing, coupled with all the Fedora-Security features and tools.

The spin is maintained by a community of Security Testers and Developers. It comes with the clean and fast openbox window manager and a customized menu to have all the instruments one may need to follow a proper test-path. With the read-write rootfs, it is possible to install software while the livecd is running. The Fedora liveusb-creator provides an overlay feature to put the security-spin on an usb-stick so that the user can install and update software - and can safe his test-results permanently.

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The Fedora Security spin is build to have a safe, fast and functional Security Test Environment.

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  • kital (Joerg Simon) at #fedora-india on

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