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Welcome to Fedora Security Lab

This Trac/git instance is used for the development of the Fedora Security Lab (FSL) (former known as Fedora Security Spin). Those linked packages currently exist in Fedora. Due to space limitation not all packages are available on the Fedora Security Lab Live CD!

Nowadays, there is more than just a Live CD under the umbrella of the Fedora Security Lab. There is the Fedora Security Lab Test bench, an Ansible playbooks for package installations, and a comps groups.

If you are just interested in the Software itself, please visit the security lab page.

Major sub-projects

Help us (aka Contribute)

There are many ways to help.

Further Questions? How to contribute? Contact Joerg Simon - jsimon <at> or Fabian Affolter - fab <at>

Git repository access


We are social!

Package lists

  • Available packages in the Fedora Security Lab.
  • Some packages which are in the repositories of Fedora and are waiting to get included into the Fedora Security Lab.