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Security audit tool

sectool is a security tool that can be used both as a security audit as well as a part of an intrusion detection system. It consists of set of tests, library and textual/graphical frontend. Tests are sorted into groups and security levels. Administrators can run selected tests, groups or whole security levels.


Tar archive:

Anonymous access of development version at:

$ git clone git:// sectool 

Or the web interface:


Help wanted

We are open to all new ideas, comments and features requests. If there is something on your mind, please send us email

  • sectool-list@…

and we try to get you fast response. To subscribe to the list, visit

If you write your own tests or just have an idea, what should be checked, inform us. We can implement and include it in next release. There is a list of existing and planed tests for this purpose. See



  • Jakub Hrozek <jhrozek@…> - the backend, TUI, few tests
  • Michel Samia <msamia@…> - lots of tests
  • Dan Kopecek <dkopecek@…> - lots of tests
  • Maros Barabas <mbarabas@…> - GUI, few tests
  • Peter Vrabec <pvrabec@…> - Master of ceremony


Feel free to submit your translation via Transifex at:

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