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A GUI tool that serves as an SCAP scanner and provides tailoring functionality for SCAP content. It uses the openscap library and its oscap tool to do all evaluation.

Intended Use

The main goal of this application is to lower the initial barrier of using SCAP. Therefore, the scope of very narrow - scap-workbench only scans a single machine and only with XCCDF/SDS (no direct OVAL evaluation). The assumption is that this is enough for users who want to scan a few machines and users with huge amount of machines to scan will just use scap-workbench to test or hand-tune their content before deploying it with more advanced (and harder to use) tools like spacewalk.

Feature highlights

  • XCCDF 1.1 and 1.2 support
  • Source Data Stream 1.2 support
  • XCCDF 1.2 Tailoring file support
  • Evaluation of local machine
  • Evaluation of remote machine (using ssh)
  • Limited tailoring support - selection and unselection
  • Saving results as XCCDF 1.1 or 1.2 (depending on input) or ARF 1.1


  • qt4
  • qtwebkit (optional)
  • linux-utils
  • openssh-clients
  • polkit and pkexec (optional, required for privileged local scanning)
  • openscap 1.0.5+


Current stable release: 0.8.8

Source tarball

Fedora distribution

scap-workbench ships with Fedora 20, 19 and 18

# yum install scap-workbench


Please see User Manual for more introductory information about this application.


The patches, bug reports and feature requests are welcomed.

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