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Welcome to the Fedora RPM Guide

The Fedora RPM Guide is an attempt to document RPM Package Manager (RPM) usage and packaging. The goal is to be distribution agnostic as long as it supports RPM packages of course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Account or Login to Contribute?

No. All you need is the Git revision control system and Publican.

How Do I Contribute?

Prerequisite: you must first have Git on your system. On Fedora, you can install Git with the following command: yum install git.

  1. Clone the Git repository (you will then have your own copy of the repo in the current directory named "rpm-guide") and cd into it:
$ git clone ssh://
$ cd rpm-guide
  1. Best practice is to change to a new branch for development: git checkout -b <name> creates a new branch called <name> and switches to it. You can then edit the <chapter>.xml file of your fancy in the en-US directory.
$ git checkout -b yum_additional_command_doc
$ myfancyeditor en-US/Yum.xml
  1. Commit your changes:
    $ git commit -a -m "Yum: fixed X; improved Y; added outline of new section Z and comments."
    [yum_dev 89ca226] Yum: fixed X; improved Y; added outline of new section Z and comments.
     2 files changed, 28 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
  1. Create a patch (and there's no need to worry about branches):
    $ git format-patch --keep-subject [revision_range]

Use git log to determine the revisions (which are denoted by the first few characters of their hashes below, as a range from, and including, the 2884ce1 change, to the one denoted by bea4e03) you want to send with your patch, and then run:

$ git format-patch --keep-subject 2884ce1..bea4e03
  1. You can either submit your patch by attaching it to a Bugzilla bug, or by emailing it directly to the project maintainers (and letting them know what the patch does!). If you have made multiple commits and therefore have multiple patches, simply zip or gzip them and send the archive.

I'm Not a Writer! Help!

Great! Writers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to producing good technical documentation. We are reliant on engineers to provide technical facts and reviews, and users to provide very useful audience and usability feedback. See WritingAndReviewingTips? for some crash-course tips for contributors.

How Do I Become a Contributing Member with git push Rights

Please come talk to the project maintainers on the #fedora-docs IRC channel. They will assess the quality of your patches and make the decision. If you have any questions, or need help creating an XML patch, please contact the project leads.

How Do I File Bugs Against the RPM Guide

Go to Bugzilla and select Fedora, then on the next page select the Fedora Documentation product and the rpm-guide component, and, finally, enter the needed information and submit.

You can also use this link which will take you straight to a pre-filled Bugzilla form.