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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. History of Revisor
    2. The Installation Media Challenge
    3. The Live Media Challenge
  2. Features
    1. A Single Interface To Composing Media
    2. Rebuilding Installer Images
    3. Cross Composing Media
    4. Many Types Of Different Media
    5. Using YUM Configuration Files
    6. Many Ways To The Same Goal
  3. Installation
    1. Getting the Files
    2. Using a Source RPM
    3. Using a Source Tarball
    4. Using the Latest in GIT
    5. Running Revisor From Source
    6. Installing the Required Packages for Revisor Modules
    7. Building Revisor
  4. Revisor Configuration Files
    1. Global Configuration
    2. Model Configuration
    3. /etc/revisor/conf.d/
      1. Sample and Gold Kickstart Files
      2. YUM Configuration Files
    4. Using a Proxy
      1. TODO
    5. How the Configuration Is Parsed
  5. Configuration
    1. Using a Local Mirror
    2. Using DVD or CD Media
    3. Additional Repositories
    4. Creating Your Own Repositories
    5. Anaconda Repositories
  6. Composing Media
    1. Before You Begin
      1. SELinux
      2. System Architecture
    1. Composing Live Media
    1. Composing Installation Media
      1. Using Revisor to Compose Media that Works For You
    1. Composing Re-Spins
      1. The Product Name
  7. Revisor & Cobbler
  8. Writing Plugins
    1. Plugin Design Requirements
    2. Available Hooks
  9. Compose Process Details
  10. Installer Images
  11. Kickstart Package Selection
    1. Selecting Groups
    2. Select Matching Packages
    3. Selecting Actual Packages
  12. Dependency Resolving
    1. 1. All Packages That Provide a Required Capability
      1. When This Makes Sense
      2. When This Does Not Make Sense
    2. 2. The Best Matching Package to Provide Capability
  13. Anaconda Updates
    1. How A Compose Works
    2. The Challenge
      1. The Missing Example (1)
      2. The Unable to Install on i586 Example (2)
      3. The Kickstart CD-ROM Directive Example (3)
    3. Anaconda Updates Repository Configuration
      1. Fedora 7 - i386
      2. Fedora 7 – x86_64
      3. Fedora 7 – PPC
      4. Fedora 8 – i386
      5. Fedora 8 – x86_64
      6. Fedora 8 – PPC
      7. Fedora 8 – PPC64
  14. Troubleshooting
    1. Increasing the Debug Level
    2. Seeking Support
      1. Communicating
        1. Revisor Mailing Lists
        2. IRC Channel

Welcome to the Revisor Fedora Hosted Page

These pages host the latest source and ticketing system for Revisor.

Note: For creating tickets, you need an account in the Fedora Account System. To create one, register here

Mailing Lists

If you are looking for ways to communicate with other users: Revisor Users Mailing List

For communication on new features, roadmaps or patches, please use Revisor Development Mailing List


Presentations given on the topic of Revisor

Known Bugs and New Bugs

Known bugs live at the ticketing system, where you can also log a new ticket. For bugs that live outside Revisor, but apply to the general compose process and related software, checkout our Known Bugs page To be able to really analyze your bug, attach the configuration files you use, /var/log/revisor.log, /var/log/revisor-yum.log, and describe what steps you took so that we can try and reproduce whatever happens.


Provide ungrouped like we have uncategorized
RFE: Allow partitioning device for Live Media
Enable Accessilbility
Review the creating of user profiles with sabayon
First load kickstart, then configure repositories
Ensure we fail softly when a repository fails to load
Review active buttons in BuildMedia Stage
RFE: Information Button Needs Work
RFE: Enable dumping of (current) User Profile
RFE: Creation of VMWare Appliance
RFE: Creation of Xen Guest
RFE: Creation of KVM Guest
RFE: Customize anaconda "default" types of install
Glade files show flaws
RFE: Integrate interface with RHTS/beaker
RFE: Move Optional Packages Button to Expose More Groups
RFE: LiveDVD that boots up as a Xen host
Live Media SquashFS Creation shows no progress
RFE: Load repository onto Live Media and adjust yum config
RFE: Show --help or link to specific documentation online for errors and warnings
RFE: Fire off burning ISOs
RFE: USB installation media
--install-tree moves symlinks
Catch libvirt exceptions and deal with them accordingly
Ability to easily create a *minimal* image for devices with tiny CF-IDE drives
RFE: Remove xconfig kickstart parameters if no X packages have been installed
Task List off in GUI
Adding a User from GUI Does Not Work
If no packages selected, ready_screen is zero
System Non-Responsive while installing packages to live target
Problem with the button revisor homepage
Why do we have --comps AND --revisor-comps?
exceptions that stop revisor are not properly handled
revisor should default to the config files for the distro actually being run
Revisor should have a way of saving all the options you chose right before it starts spinning
revisor tricks me into typing in my root passwords wrong
default desktop does not offer choice between GNOME and KDE
Get Started is missing a keyboard accelerator on the first page
conflict between generic-logos and fedora-logos
pkgorder fails with error relating to logger
Traceback on ppc
Latest Revisor test using local repositories (file:/// type urls) -- SECOND ROUND
revisor hangs when no network setting specified
Revisor Live media creation does not honor tsflags
RFE: Allow the creation of "full" install trees
RFE: Allow the creation of "full" install trees
[PATCH] Fix UnboundLocalError in
Revisor errors out on building the Isolinux environment
global name 're' is not defined
Revisor requires some packages
iso creation failed
createing f12 i386 respin
F12 i386 respin fails at ISO generation stage
Revisor throws error if an network interface is added
Mkisofs error on iso creation (return code 255) Should throw some elegant error message
Revisor fails during F12-buildinstall
command sh /usr/share/revisor/unity/scripts/ returns errors with default install
revisor not work with proxy
rhel-6 build of revisor
[PATCH] Add compatibility with newer mock versions
error 'object has no attribute' while create livecd under cli
--copy-dir clears execute bits [PATCH]

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