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Repoview allows one to easily create a set of static HTML pages in a YUM repository, allowing simple browsing of available packages. It uses kid templating engine to create the pages and is therefore easily customizable.


Repoview requires:


Repoview is maintained by me, Konstantin Ryabitsev (icon at fedoraproject).

Special thanks to Michael Schwendt and Remi Collet for lots of good patches.

Bug Reports

Please open a new ticket in the "Repoview" component to report any bugs.

License and Copyright

  • Copyright © 2005 by Duke University.
  • Copyright © 2006-2011 by Konstantin Ryabitsev and contributors.
  • It is available to you under the terms of GNU GPL version 2 or above.

Download (ChangeLog)

Latest version is Repoview-0.6.6 released on 2011-11-16.