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Welcome to R2spec

R2spec is a package that aims to provide an easy way to generate spec file for R libraries, including Bioc.

R2spec now includes R2rpm which directly generates the rpm from the R library.

You can find the code here:

You can download the code using: git clone git://

Releases and RPM are available for direct download in:

Install R2spec

There are several options for installing R2spec

  • Just yum it
    yum install R2spec
  • You can install from the source code:

Configure R2spec

R2spec propose some features that have to be configured to run properly. The configuration is made on the file R2spec.conf.

R repository

The R repositories are configured in: /etc/R2spec/repos.cfg

Section looks like:

url ={name}/index.html
source ={packname}_%{version}.tar.gz
package =

Feel free to add your own, to do so:

  • The section name must start with repo:
  • The source is what will be put into Source0 in the spec file
  • The package is the link to the PACKAGES file present in every R repo

Use R2spec or R2rpm

Instructions on how to use R2spec or R2rpm are available via

R2spec --help
R2rpm --help

Or via the man pages:

man R2spec
man R2rpm

After running

After running R2spec, you will see in your console a TODO list and you will find in your folder the spec file asked.
If you do not know/understand what this TODO list suggest have a look at this page AfterRunningR2spec

After running R2rpm, you will obtains a new RPM which can be installed on your system directly. However, please note that this RPM is not completely Fedora's standard compliant. The issues will be revealed by rpmlint. The majors one are:

  • license tag does not respect the format
  • spelling error
  • no -devel subpackage

Though, it should not influence the functionning of the package