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python-slip -- Simple Library for Python

The Simple Library for Python packages contain miscellaneous code for convenience, extension and workaround purposes. It contains a number of modules:

  • slip.dbus.service, slip.dbus.polkit: Make using DBus and PolicyKit simple in your project
  • slip.gtk: Set up GTK+ labels so they resize with their parents
  • slip.util.hookable: Make certain Python base types run hooks when their "content" changes

The code can be found at:

Running the example:

  • Requires PolicyKit >= 0.8-3
  • Install the example files:
    cd python-slip/doc/dbus/example
    su -c 'make example_install'
  • Optionally, start the mechanism manually as root (to see the output or if SELinux is in enforcing mode):
    su -c ./
  • Run the client:

Example code files:

  • the unprivileged frontend
  • the privileged backend
  • org.fedoraproject.slip.example.mechanism.service: the DBUS service definition for autostarting the privileged part
  • org.fedoraproject.slip.example.mechanism.conf: the DBUS service interface definition
  • org.fedoraproject.slip.example.policy: the PolicyKit action_id definition
  • Makefile: gives you an overview where to install all the files
  • README: you guessed it

Useful external documentation: