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Welcome to python-dmidecode

This will be the new home for the python-dmidecode module, as the old servers have lost connection to the rest of the Internet world. This wiki is a work-in-progress, and more will come here with time. But currently it's just a simple place holder for the next steps.

What python-dmidecode is

python-dmidecode is the python implementation of what dmidecode does. It's based on the dmidecode source code, but implemented in a way so that this SMBIOS DMI table information directly in Python. The current version supports extracting the data as both Python dictionaries and XML data (via libxml2).

Get the source code

The latest source code is available via git

git clone git://

Getting in touch

Upstream developers are:

Nima Talebi (Lead developer) and David Sommerseth (co-maintainer)

And there's a python-dmidecode-devel mailing list here: python-dmidecode-devel @