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Welcome to pyparted project


pyparted is a set of Python modules that provide Python programmers an interface to libparted, the GNU parted library for disk partitioning and filesystem manipulation.

Source Downloads

Source code is kept in git, available here. Anonymous users can clone the git repository with this command:

git clone git://

Source archives can be downloaded from

Reporting Bugs

Bug reporting is handled on this site via the Trac interface. You will need a Fedora Account in order to report bugs. In the Fedora project, we have a unified account system for all services, so you need to create this account to report bugs. Go to to sign up. Then come back to this site and choose the Login link, and finally New Ticket.

Mailing Lists

There is a development discussion mailing list at Users wishing to contribute code to pyparted should join this list.

Developers Guide



A number of people have contributed to pyparted, see the Authors page for details.


This project is maintained by David Cantrell (Red Hat)