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Pre-Version 0.4 Twisted Networking Rewrite Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#46 Rewrite CLI Interface to deal with async callbacks 0.3 defect jsteffan assigned 03/21/09

Version 0.4 Release (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#36 Define MissingSectionHeaderError 0.3 defect new 04/25/08
#50 Fuse ISO Not Getting Unmounted 0.4 defect new 05/17/09
#32 Make a failure to put an image together fully interactive 0.3 enhancement jsteffan assigned 04/20/08
#39 Handle all metadata and utilize it when displaying information 0.3 enhancement new 04/25/08
#26 Implement average bitrate tracking from specific mirrors 1.0rc enhancement new 03/25/08
#38 We need to handle relative locations for template files 0.3 enhancement jsteffan assigned 04/25/08
#42 RFE: Show size & package savings feedback when using a --scan option 0.3 enhancement jsteffan assigned 05/02/08
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