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Q: Is this the latest object-relational mapping solution?
A: No. SQLFace does not map python objects to relations (DB tables). It handles prepared SQL/DML expressions defined in a config XML file, and provides an interface for applications.

Q: Why XML? Can't you put SQL into a python string?
A: XML is only for interchange data (connection string, SQL/DML and its documentation). Any database design tool may create it for any programming language that implements this kind of SQL interface. In this way, development of relational databases can be separated from the development of processing business logic.

Q: Is RDB schema description stored in the config XML?
A: No, it is not. No DDL. The config file describes SQL/DML expressions to retrieve data from the DB, and to store data into the DB.

Q: SQL command objects?! Is there anything similar anywhere? A: Yes. This is similar to Z SQL Methods: