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pungi - Distribution compose tool

The pungi project is two things. First and foremost it is a free opensource tool to spin Fedora installation trees / isos. It will be used to produce Fedora releases from Fedora 7 on until it is replaced by something better. Secondly pungi is a set of python libraries to build various compose-like tools on top of. Pungi provides a library with various functions to find, depsolve, and gather packages into a given location. It provides a second library with various functions to run various Anaconda tools on the gathered packages and create isos from the results.

See PungiDownload for releases.
See PungiDocs for documentation.

For discussing Pungi development please join the buildsys mailinglist ( )

For development code, see the git repo at

If you wish to help out, check out the Tickets for work needed items.