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Preupgrade's goal is to provide a way for Fedora users who wish to upgrade from one release to a newer version of Fedora by easily pre-resolving and downloading all the necessary packages before rebooting the system into the Fedora installer to complete the update.

Upgrade to current release directly

Preupgrade provides an upgrade directly to the latest version of Fedora. It is not necessary to upgrade to intermediate versions. For example, it is possible to go from Fedora 11 to Fedora 13 directly.

How to use Preupgrade


  • preupgrade is stable and in all current Fedora releases.

Source Access

preupgrade is presently stored in a git repository. Developers can use ssh to get a copy of the source. Others should use anonymous http. If you don't have git installed on your Fedora system yet, do this to get it::

yum install git

Anonymous Access

git clone git://

Developer Access

git clone ssh://

Browse via gitweb;a=summary