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Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 Fonts Project


The project goal is to improve the existing offerings of the fonts - making sure the Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 fonts deliver the best available quality and functions to the community.


Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 fonts are created by Dr. Tirumala Krishna Desikacharylu (or K.Desikachary for short) and is licensed under GNU GPL V.2 or later (with Font Exception).
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Now, Fedora Project and its contributors would take the responsibility to consolidate the further efforts towards improvement of the Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 fonts.

Installation in Fedora distribution


Fedora users can install rpms for Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 fonts with the following command:

For Fedora 10 and above

yum install pothana2000-fonts vemana2000-fonts

Mailing list

Should you face any problem, please drop a mail to pothana_vemana-devel@… list


FAS Group: gitpothana_vemana

Commit access:

git: ssh://

Anonymous access: git: git://

Tar Balls


1) Pothana2000 and Vemana2000fonts will be released in 2 tarballs. Following are the recent tarballs.

Current releases:

SourceSize BinarySize
pothana2000-fontspothana2000-fonts-1.3.3.tar.gz352K pothana2000-fonts-ttf-1.3.3.tar.gz116K
vemana2000-fontsvemana2000-fonts-1.1.3.tar.gz356K vemana2000-fonts-ttf-1.1.3.tar.gz116K

Pothana2000 and Vemana2000 fonts are included in Fedora.

Contributors information

 yum install fontforge 

  • Reuse glyphs if possible - this is the best way to keep the same look and feel, and it saves efforts.
  • All changes should be under the agreement of CLA. Please read at Howto if you need help on signing the CLA.