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Fedora Package Database

The Fedora Package Database is intended to track ownership information for Software Packages in the Fedora Collection. It is currently deployed on the Fedora Application Servers. Our cvsadmins are still handling some of the updates but we're encouraging people to change acls for themselves when possible. we're working on fixing several UI problems so that people can do more of this themselves.


0.4.0 Released

Jun 15, 2009: This release is a major update with a huge number of changes. It changes the public API and database to use usernames and groupnames instead of userid and groupid. It also stores the orphaned and retired status in the packagedb status field instead of just using the owner name.

Docs pages Up

Jun 14, 2009: In anticipation of the forthcoming PackageDB release, the documentation shipped with the PackageDB has been html-ized via sphinx and put online at At the moment, they mostly document the API design considerations for the 0.5.x release due out in Fall/Winter but this is where we'll add more information as it occurs. Note that if you're building a client to the PackageDB, you might be better off checking the docs for the PackageDB client module in python-fedora at Released

Nov 5, 2008: This release has some some code restructuring, some new administrative functionality, and some major performance enhancements for the package details page. The fedora-pkgdb client built from this package is now being used for administrative changes to packages. Please see NEWS or ChangeLog for details.

0.3.7 Released

Aug 9, 2008: This release has numerous bugfixes and UI improvements over 0.3.4. Please see NEWS or the ChangeLog for details.

0.3.3 Released

April 11, 2008: This release has the following changes relative to
  • Works with FAS2. This means that testing the client can now be done on any computer, not just computers inside of Fedora Infrastructure.
  • Speed ups achieved by caching information from the Account System.
  • Ported to SQLAlchemy 0.4.

New Download Repositories

Fedora Hosted has recently added space for hosting tarballs for release. The packagedb tarballs have moved off of Toshio's fedorapeople page into a space provided by Fedora Hosted. Check out the Download Page for the new location Released was released on January 23, 2008. This release has many bugfixes and a few features relative to 0.3.2:
  • The users interface now only shows packages if they are active
  • The collections information is now available as json data.
  • Now both package summary and descriptions are synced from the package repository.

For a more complete listing of changes, please refer to the ChangeLog.

Website moved, repositories changed

Fedora Hosted Projects have moved onto a dedicated server and brought the PackageDB with them. If your bzr branches of the repository have suddenly stopped working, there's new locations for you to pull from. Check the Download page for more info.

0.3.2 Released

Although this is old news by now, 0.3.2 was released on October 30, 2007.

Major new features:
  • RPM Packaging #68
  • Per Package Buglistings from bugzilla.r.c #88
  • Use the fedoraproject-wide stylesheet.
  • Package descriptions.

For a more complete listing of changes, refer to the 0.3.2 tickets for milestone:0.3.2 and the ChangeLog.

Features which couldn't be completed in time for 0.3.2 have been retargeted to the 0.3.3 release.

Older News

Join in the Fun

Want to help code the package database? Have some ideas of things gone wrong that need to be addressed? Well pull up a keyboard and get involved! There's something for everyone here.

Open Tasks

  • Are you an artist? We need an icon for the PackageDB!
  • Are you a UI designer? We need to revamp the web interface to be easier to use. Mockups or templates from a designer would be of great help.
  • Do you like to write python apps? There's a wide range of tickets for new features. Pick one that tickles your fancy and get involved!

Feel free to contact me on IRC (abadger1999) or via email (a.badgergmailcom) about what you want to work on and we'll put your skills to good use.

Get the Code

You can now view the code via bzr-webserve

Take a look on the Download page for where to get tarballs or checkout instructions.

Hack on the Server

We have a test server running on publictest3, one of the Fedora Infrastructure machines devoted to testing new services. With the release of fedora-packagedb-0.3.3 the server no longer has to query the Fedora Account System database directly so it is possible to run a copy on your local workstation. However, if you don't want to set up your own test database and configure a packagedb instance, feel free to talk to me on IRC (abadger1999) or via email (a.badgergmailcom) about getting access to the test server instead.

Develop a Client

There's currently a commandline client for cvsadmin requests. We're using that as a testbed for the BaseClient class in the python-fedora module. Our plans are to write one or more clients using that library when time permit. If you'd like to help out with that effort, feel free to send a message to a.badger to learn more.