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  • port model creation to SQLAlchemy (mbacovsk)
    • Right now non-Fedora people would need to create the db with the sql script, then run a bunch of largely untested scripts to get to the current version. Instead, we'd like to use sqlalchemy to create the model so we can test it better.
    • Need to integrate this with sqlalchemy-migrate so that people have the choice of updating previous models or starting a fresh one without having to go through the intermediate, create + migrations steps.
  • Use sqlalchemy migrate for altering the database schema.
  • Simplify the database model (toshio & anyone else :-)
    • For instance, combine personpackagelisting and personpackagelistingacl
    • For instance, combine branch and collection table
  • Rename table and attribute names (toshio)
    • In some cases shortening names. In others, making them consistent (plural vs singular for instance)
  • Simplify logging (?)


  • Change all parameter and return value names to follow the standard in newAPI (toshio)
  • Change return values to be more succinct. Especially wrt the JsonProps/SABase stuff... I want to get away from passing back raw lists of data from the database. (toshio)


  • Port to TG2 (?)
  • Make use of dictionary mappings in the ORM and get rid of use of list mappings where appropriate. For instance, port all code to use the package => packagelist dictionary mapping in pkg.listings2 instead of the list mapping in pkg.listings.
  • Refactor code in; some of the stuff I wrote in there is very terrible.


  • Redesign the Acls page (toshio)
    • Simplify management for common packager tasks
    • Do not display EOL releases by default
    • Disallow changes to EOL releases
    • Non-Ajax interface
  • Integrate the acls page with the builds/applications pages
  • Make search more user friendly
  • Add ability to handle cvsadmin tasks from the pkgdb


  • AMQP notifier?
  • Script to process retirement of packages
    • Needs to talk to koji to block pkgs
    • Needs to commit dead.package entries to cvs
    • Other EOL procedures
  • Import Orphaned and Retired package information from other sources
    • wiki
    • koji
    • cvs


  • Static Icons (mbacovsk)
  • Have queries that return lists (listqueries) use the SQL layer of sqlalchemy rather than the ORM (toshio)
  • Lazy vs eager loading of ORM relations (?)