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New Developer UI

Current Page example:

screenshot of being logged in to the package/name/python page:


Current UI takes too many clicks

Part of:

In the current UI the developer has to select all the corresponding permissions which is a real waste of time compared to just checking an apropriate checkbox.

  • The arranging of the boxes is of importance because the efficient arrangement will give options to make checking in a set (which is often required).
    • Have all acls be a set for "Become a comaintainer" and the watchacls be a set for "Watch this package"
  • By arranging the minimum number of check boxes in the efficient manner will help the developer to do things faster when they need to change a subset of the acls.
  • This is mostly rearranging the existing pkgpage template.
  • There will be a few new server methods for the checkboxes/buttons that set more than one acl at a time.

Requires user to request then owner approves

  • Would like to have a way for the package owner to type in a username to add as comaintainer/watcher without having to get the requestor involved first.
  • Could also use something like this for the owner to set someone else as owner of the package. (Allows giving up ownership without orphan status in between).

Overview page

  • Make use of /pkgdb/users/info to tell owners what things they've been asked to take action on along with the options that are available for him (hot actions he can take even if they are not asked by some one).
  • Owner can select requests to approve (or all requests) and click a button to do so.

No reminders to owners if there's some action for them to take

  • Cron job to send out reminder email once a month (or once in a certain period of time that can be set with respect to the importance of the action ignored).
  • Should access code from the overview page to send out reminders

Shows EOL releases which cannot be changed anymore and aren't really interesting

  • Don't display EOL releases by default.

One button to remove from package

  • Similar to have a button/checkbox to say "Make me a comaintainer" we should have a button to say "Remove me from this package"

Button to retire a package

Retiring a package means that the package is no longer available to build in Fedora. It is usually used because a package isdead upstream, has been renamed, or otherwise isn't expected to be of use without significant work.

UI to add a new branch

Adding a new, non-EOL branch for Fedora or EPEL should be easy for a package maintainer to do. A simple click or something should add the branch to a queue. Then the queue can be processed by a cron job on the cvs server.