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    • What's going to happen with this wiki now that has relaunched?

    This wiki will continue to exist for the short term, but as new features and tools become available on the new site, we will be migrating there instead.

    • What's happening with oVirt?

    The oVirt Community is being re-launched with a number of new projects. Please check out for details.

    • What's going on with old Rail based ovirt-server?

    The server project is not being actively worked on at this time. It is available for adoption however. Please contact the oVirt team if you're interested in adopting the project.

    Current Status of the project: The server was running on Fedora 13, but rails changes in Fedora 14 and 15 have caused it to not work any longer.

    • When can I expect to see new releases?

    oVirt Node is going to be targeting roughly a monthly release. This may change slightly with the (re-)launch of the new oVirt Community.

    • I'm having a problem, what can I do?

    First, check on our IRC channel

    Then, try one of our mailing lists:

    oVirt Node specific issues

    Generic oVirt specific issues

    • How do you track issues?

    We are using Bugzilla for tracking. Please file issues under the ovirt-node component in the Communinty/oVirt Product.

    Click New, then Community, then oVirt

    Choose ovirt-node in the component list