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Omping (Open Multicast Ping) is tool to test IP multicast functionality primarily in local network.




Fedora contain omping package. Use yum for installation.

$ yum install omping

Source code

For stable version, use For newest git, use

$ git clone git://
$ cd omping
$ make


Mailing List

The omping mailing list should be used for all communication relating to Open Multicast Ping. Please send mail to the mailing list instead of developers directly. This allows more then one person to respond to information requests and allows everyone to see the solution to a possible problem.

Subscribe to the omping mailing list.

Send mail to the omping mailing list: omping@…

View the omping mailing list archives.


If a defect is found in omping, please discuss it on the mailing list. Once the mailing list has determined it is indeed a bug, please file bug report.

Bug reporting is handled on this site via the Trac interface. You will need a Fedora Account in order to report bugs. In the Fedora project, we have a unified account system for all services, so you need to create this account to report bugs. Go to to sign up. Then come back to this site and choose the Login link, and finally New Ticket.


This project is maintained by Jan Friesse (Red Hat)