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Welcome to Offtrac!

This is the Offtrac project. It aims to be a python based xmlrpc client library for trac instances.

There is the offtrac python library which offers the TracServer class. This object is how one interacts with a Trac instance via xmlrpc. An example script ( is provided to show how a client program might make use of the library to get things done.

If you wish to hack on offtrac, please shoot mail to python-offtrac-owner@… an email or find "threebean" on freenode IRC. I'd love to have the help!

To use offtrac, you can use the reference client '' in the src/ folder. Either execute it directly, or install it into your system using

python build
sudo python install --skip-build

(this requires you have python-devel installed). It will install in /usr/bin/ and install the offtrac python library in your standard python library path.

What it does right now:

  • Query existing tickets
  • List existing milestones
  • Get information about particular tickets
  • Get information about particular milestones
  • Create new tickets
  • Create new milestones

All authenticated! (via https)