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NSS-GUI is a graphical user interface to manage data and configuration of NSS (Network Security Services).

Features includes managing the contents of a certificate database, CRLs and PKCS#11 security devices. In the future this project might get extended to support additional data or configuration settings around NSS.

NSS-GUI is not yet included with Fedora. Review is currently in progress at


NSS-GUI is a XULRunner application, and requires version 3.5.9 or 3.6.2 or newer.

A very small wrapper utility is used to parse command line arguments, set environment variables, and bring up the interactive window. The wrapper has been written in C++ and the Boost libraries.


NSS-GUI reuses Mozilla's PSM module, and consequently uses the same Certificate and NSS management code as shipped with Mozilla applications like Firefox and Thunderbird. (PSM is a core module of the Mozilla platform and included with XULRunner.)


Source snapshots of releases can be found at

Development snapshot access

hg clone ssh://[your-username]

Contact / Mail / Newsgroup

There is no mailing list. If you would like to give feedback, please post to the newsgroup ( or other news servers).

Current project maintainer is Kai Engert, you may reach me as kaie at my or the domain.