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Welcome to the Nitrate System

Nitrate a new test case management system, it's written in Python and uses the Django web framework.

Its features include:

  • Managers with a source of information on planning, cases and execution status.
  • Reproducibility across planning, cases and execution.
  • Audit traceability.
  • Increased productivity - Associates are able to identify and work on gaps in product coverage
  • Fully functional XML-RPC interface.
  • Multiple authentication backends.


The Nitrate source code can be download with git via:

For write (commit) access you'll need to be in the Fedora Accounts System gitnitrate group, it's need the project's admins sponsor.

Anonymous access: git clone git://

Commit access: git clone ssh://

The source code can be viewed via a web UI at



2012-01-09 Meeting Minutes
2012-01-16 Meeting Minutes
2012-02-6 Meeting Minutes


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Contact us

  • irc: #nitrate @