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Welcome to the Nitrate System

Nitrate is a full-featured test case management system. It's written in Python and uses the Django web framework.

Major features include:

  • Managers with a source of information on planning, cases and execution status.
  • Reproducibility across planning, cases and execution.
  • Audit traceability.
  • Increased productivity - Associates are able to identify and work on gaps in product coverage
  • Fully functional XML-RPC interface.
  • Multiple authentication backends.

Source code

Nitrate is hosted in Github. Please download released version and clone project from Github.


Refer to

Bug Reports

Whatever bugs, questions or feature requests are all welcome, please create issue here with details. More information about how to report a bug, please refer to documentation

Fedora Project

Contact us

  • irc: #nitrate @
  • Mail list: nitrate-devel @