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This website is for the Newt Syrup project.

What is Newt Syrup?

Newt Syrup is a Python framework for creating text-based applications. The framework depends on the Python bindings for Newt.

Who are the developers?

Currently the project is maintained by Darryl L. Pierce.

You can join our mailing here.

Get the code!

Latest source tarball (0.2.0): here

Stable release tarballs: link

Browse the code via gitweb: link

Browse the code via trac: link

To checkout the latest upstream code, run: git clone git://

Why does this project exist?

In the summer of 2009 I was tasked with writing a text-based application that provided the same functionality as Virtual Machine Manager. I chose to do the development in Python and, after looking around, settled on Newt as the UI library.

But the problem I had was in developing more complex applications. So I ended up developing a very straight forward framework for apps based on cards, where a card represents a screen. And the application itself was successfully completed.

A few months later I started working on another similar project and decided to break the framework out and make it a separate, reusable framework. Hence, Newt Syrup was born!

Why Newt "Syrup"?

I was googling for a name for the project, and wanted it to be a reference to newts.I googled for, I think, "newt symbiote" and found a page that described creatures that live symbiotically with newts and other aquatic life. And one thing on the page was a jelly mass of algae that was described as a "syrup". And seeing how weird the name "newt syrup" sounded, I decided that it was the perfect name for the project.