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Multiboot Media Creator

multiboot-media-creator is an tool for multiboot USB creation.

Primary Scope

  • Put multiple installer images on a USB stick.
  • Maintaining the supplied .iso image is of utmost importance, allowing these files(images) to be shared. This will allow for reduced QA should the results of this tool have potential to become "official."

Future ideas

  • Add support for LiveMedia images, LiveCD or LiveDVD. Providing the .iso images supplied from the upstream vendor can be maintained.
  • Add support to create a burnable .iso of the result.


Download the script, and make it executable (chmod +X) as program, and follow the instructions on screen.


Version 0.1 Source:

GIT repository: git clone ‚Äčssh://

Authors and maintainers

Initial work done by:

  • Dave Riches
  • Bob Jensen
  • Dennis Johnson

Much testing help and thanks to Ben Williams.


  • 2010. nov - Initial script, docs has born, and test runs were successful
  • 2011. jan - Development was in total disarray, all development has been stopped to allow the project to get back to the initial goals.
  • 2011. jan - Project is back on track and progressing nicely again.

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