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A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

Mock is used by the Fedora Build system to populate a chroot environment, which is then used in building a source-RPM (SRPM). It can be used for long-term management of a chroot environment, but generally a chroot is populated (using yum), an SRPM is built in the chroot to generate binary RPMs, and the chroot is then discarded.

User documentation can be found at

mock source tarballs:

Mock Branches

Mock currently has one active branch plus master.

  • mock-1.0 - This branch is in bugfix mode and is used for EL-5
  • master - This is currently mock 2.x and is still getting features. It is used for everything else. This branch is used pure for releasing.
  • devel - all development happens here, if you want to send patches, use this branch


Do you have patch, idea or just question. You can write to buildsys mailing list or try #fedora-buildsys on Freenode. We prefer the emails thou.

Getting and compiling mock

Resulting RPM will be output into noarch/mock-$VERSION-$RELASE.noarch.rpm

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