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MirrorManager keeps track of the nearly 400 public mirrors, and over 300 private mirrors, that carry Fedora, EPEL, and RHEL content, and is used by, a third-party repository. It automatically selects the “best” mirror for a given user based on a set of fallback heuristics:

  • Mirrors can specify network CIDR blocks. Clients inside the CIDR block use that mirror. This reduces WAN traffic for institutions with a local mirror.
  • Mirrors can specify their BGP ASN. Clients on the same ASN get directed there. This reduces peered traffic for ISPs.
  • Mirrors can specify they are on Internet2 or one of the related research and educational high-speed networks. Clients on I2 will get directed to an I2 mirror. This reduces commercial WAN traffic for institutions on I2.
  • Mirrors can specify their country. Intra-country traffic is often faster than inter-country. Mirrors may specify specific countries to serve.
  • If no mirror exists in a given country, users will be directed to a mirror on the same continent.
  • If all else fails, fall back to any of the mirrors globally.

A more detailed presentation is available.


MirrorManager is written and maintained by Matt Domsch.

Projects Using MirrorManager

Projects known to be using MirrorManager include:


MirrorManager is discussed on the Fedora Infrastructure mailing list (infrastructure@…, subscribe at
Its developers also are usually on IRC in #fedora-apps on FreeNode.
You may subscribe to the mirrormanager-commits mailing list. Each git commit is mailed here.


Source code for MirrorManager is maintained in
The schema for MirrorManager 1.4 can be found at

Reporting problems

If you think you have found a bug in MirrorManager, or have a feature request, please file a ticket here.

For problems with the Fedora implementation of MirrorManager, including reporting incorrect mirrors (out-of-date mirrors, or mirrors not appearing on a list that you think should be included), please file a ticket with Fedora Infrastructure.


Help Wanted

See the TODO for a list of stuff that still needs doing.


This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from