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Information Planning

Deliverables and Milestones

  • Information Plan: documents findings after the initial investigation is complete. Generates an idea about where the project is heading, and what it requires.
  • Project Plan: an estimation of the time and resources required to complete the project.

Information Plan

Existing Red Hat Knowledgebase articles: <>.

Purpose of the documentation

Provide administrators with a guide that details how to work with and manage confined services in Fedora 11. Documentation will cover:

  • brief introduction to SELinux.
  • brief introduction to confined and unconfined services.
  • performing system administration tasks without turning SELinux off.
  • troubleshoot issues (include Red Hat Bugzilla and permissive domains).


System administrators.

Audience goals

Perform system administration tasks without turning SELinux off:

  • share files via Samba, FTP, NFS, and HTTP.
  • share files between multiple services.
  • manage BIND (for example, accept zone updates).
  • label files so that services can access them (semanage fcontext).
  • customize the ports services listen on (semanage port -a).
  • use non-default directories to store files for services.

Table of Contents ideas

1. Introduction

- brief introduction to SELinux.
- brief introduction to confined and unconfined services.

2. Apache HTTP Server
- what httpd is and does.
	2.1 The Apache HTTP Server and SELinux
	- explain default behavior:
				  * ports to listen on (http_port_t).
				  * files/directories httpd can and cannot access.
	2.2. Types
                 - how to list them.
		 - defined types.
		 - how to change them and when to change them (chcon, semanage).

	2.3. Booleans
		- how to list httpd related Booleans.
		- describe each Boolean.
		- getsebool and setsebool.

	2.4. Configuration examples
		- see man pages.
		- non-default directories for services.
		- customized port numbers.
		- sharing files.

Repeat #2 for Samba, FTP, NFS, BIND, etc...

X. Troubleshooting

Project Plan


The initial schedule is based on a 6 month production time, based on previous times for the Fedora 10 SELinux User Guide.

Information Plan: Thursday 1 January -> Monday 19 January (13 days)

Deliverables: Information and Project plans.

Content Specification: Tuesday 20 January -> Tuesday 24 February (26 days)


  • individual publications that are planned for the final document. These publications are done on the Wiki. This occurs after extensive research into topics.
  • table of contents.
  • phase review: subject matter experts approve the plan or request modifications to content.

Implementation: Wednesday 25 February -> Monday 25 May (64 days)

Designs for style, prototype sections, first, second, and approved drafts. Weekly reports sent to <selinux@…>.

Localization and Production: Tuesday 26 May -> Friday 26 June (24 days)

Prepare final copies and PDFs.

Evaluation: Monday 29 June -> Tuesday 30 June (2 days)

  • Evaluate the project.
  • Plan maintenance cycles.
  • Plan next release.