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Fedora 11 Security-Enhanced Linux(R): Managing Confined Services

Purpose of the documentation

Provide administrators with a guide that details how to work with and manage confined services in Fedora 11. Documentation will cover:

  • brief introduction to SELinux.
  • brief introduction to confined and unconfined services.
  • performing system administration tasks without turning SELinux off.
  • troubleshoot issues (include Red Hat Bugzilla and permissive domains).

Documentation Process

This guide follows a 5-phase model for developing and maintaining content:

  1. Information Plan -- Creation of the Information Plan and Project Plan deliverables.
  2. Content Specification-- Detailed research with a Content Specification Plan and a revised Project Plan.
  3. Implementation Phase? -- Design and development of deliverable.
  4. Localization and Production? -- Translation and final production of deliverables.
  5. Evaluation Phase? -- Evaluating the deliverable and executing the maintenance plan


  • Mailing lists: <selinux@…> and <fedora-selinux-list@…>.
  • IRC: #fedora-selinux and #selinux on Freenode.