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#633 Re: #629 everything i get is "LiveUSB creation failed!" windows __needinfo__ defect new 11/23/09
#635 Unable to get volume information. Drive is corrupted. windows __needinfo__ defect new 11/28/09
#795 "LiveUSBError: Cannot find 7z. Make sure to extract...." (Windows 7, 64 bit) Fedora 14 windows __needinfo__ defect new 04/03/11
#817 "LiveUSB creation failed!" windows 3.6.x __unclassified__ defect new 11/24/13
#28 `yum update` with persistent overlay destroys OS. liveusb.creator __future__ defect lmacken reopened 05/16/08
#527 liveusb-creator leaves USB-devices 'write protected' in Windows (XP and Vista) windows __needinfo__ defect new 03/12/09
#675 not able install to harddrive fro pendrive windows __needinfo__ defect new 04/01/10
#70 NTLDR Missing liveusb.creator 2.0 defect lmacken reopened 05/26/08
#192 Failed to Load driver disk from file windows 2.0 defect new 09/02/08
#225 pendrive won't boot on any system works in Qemu. windows defect lmacken assigned 09/08/08
#99 When Grub boots, no way to choose "boot from disk" linux defect lmacken new 06/16/08
#238 Unable to save anything on USB memory stick version of Fedora 9 linux defect new 09/18/08
#353 LiveUSB does not save changes linux defect new 01/12/09
#606 problem executing the following command: `tools\syslinux.exe -m -a -d syslinux windows defect reopened 04/08/09
#339 Trying to get standard out routed to serial port linux task new 01/05/09
#415 liveusb-creator for non-fedora linux linux __future__ defect new 02/07/09
#429 Please support USB-Zip in Windows version. windows __future__ defect new 02/10/09
#609 option --force D: is case-sensitive windows __future__ defect new 04/08/09
#614 Populate release list from public releases.txt windows __future__ defect new 06/09/09
#616 liveusb-create 3.7.1 ships with 7z 4.45, current version is 4.65 windows __future__ defect new 07/29/09
#821 Not recognizing jump drive windows __future__ defect new 04/18/14
#161 Add the option to disable the use of swap in the installer linux __future__ enhancement new 08/01/08
#267 Support zip-like usb key geometry windows __future__ enhancement new 10/13/08
#625 Copy livecd-iso-to-disk script to installed image __unclassified__ __future__ enhancement new 11/06/09
#819 Should pull in remote list of images on start __unclassified__ 3.6.x __future__ enhancement new 01/29/14
#613 checkisomd5 functionality in Windows. windows __future__ task reopened 04/28/09
#816 Port to UDisks2 API. linux __future__ task new 06/11/13
#133 Cannot find file error windows __needinfo__ defect new 07/19/08
#163 Download failed: HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required windows __needinfo__ defect reopened 08/02/08
#330 Centos 5- gui fails with error,,, linux __needinfo__ defect new 12/19/08
#516 --force doesn't work with Seagate drive windows __needinfo__ defect new 03/08/09
#526 Cannot contact SWbemLocator service on hardened XP sp3 system windows __needinfo__ defect lmacken assigned 03/11/09
#638 Persistent overlay fails (still) linux 3.6.x __needinfo__ defect lmacken assigned 12/03/09
#639 No root device found. windows __needinfo__ defect new 12/05/09
#649 "Boot Error" when trying to boot from USB windows __needinfo__ defect new 02/04/10
#652 Unable to get GetVolumeInformation(A:) __unclassified__ __needinfo__ defect new 02/11/10
#656 Unable to image from ?IS?O of Windows CD windows 3.6.x __needinfo__ defect new 02/19/10
#658 .\tools\syslinux.exe -m -a -d syslinux M: Reading boot sector: The parameter is incorrect. windows __needinfo__ defect new 02/23/10
#671 I keep getting the following error windows __needinfo__ defect new 03/25/10
#672 LiveUSB creation failed! windows __needinfo__ defect new 03/25/10
#764 Doesn't create bootable Flash Drive linux __needinfo__ defect lmacken assigned 12/09/10
#814 No handlers could be found for logger "liveusb.creator" windows __needinfo__ defect lmacken new 04/02/13
#651 WD Passport Essential 500GB - Installation by LiveUSB on Linux or windows windows __needinfo__ task new 02/09/10
#653 This only works for flash drives (don't make me cry) windows __unclassified__ defect new 02/15/10
#657 iso must be stored in a non localized folder otherwise liveusb creation fails windows __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 02/19/10
#668 liveusb-creator-3.9-1.fc11 shows squares instead of letters in UI windows __unclassified__ defect new 03/13/10
#757 Liveusb creator miscalculates space available for overlay fixed_in_git __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 09/09/10
#802 Doesn't handle diacritic in label of FAT32 partition fixed_in_git __unclassified__ defect lmacken new 08/10/12
#808 Modern installer style windows __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 11/16/12
#809 Cannot boot fedora 18 beta using USB drive [solved] fixed_in_git __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 12/26/12
#810 F18 - file not found -/isolinux/vmlinuz0 fixed_in_git __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 01/17/13
#812 Issues with the persistent-storage in combination Fedora 18 live-images and liveusb-creator fixed_in_git 3.6.x __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 02/27/13
#815 UI Translation Option windows __unclassified__ defect new 06/01/13
#818 Should search mbr.bin in /usr/lib/syslinux/bios/ rather than in /usr/lib/syslinux/ fixed_in_git __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 12/18/13
#643 Updated liveusb creator windows __unclassified__ enhancement new 12/18/09
#760 Please provide a tar.gz with an u+x file (for example an sh script) that runs on any linux linux __unclassified__ enhancement new 10/18/10
#813 liveusb-creator doesn't work on an XO linux __unclassified__ enhancement new 03/06/13
#624 Console mode is broken because of missing device/iso selection linux v4.0 defect new 09/26/09
#13 persistent file reuse liveusb.creator 2.0 enhancement lmacken assigned 05/02/08
#88 update fedora cause computer to lockup linux defect lmacken new 06/09/08
#98 Keyboard preferences don't persist from a boot to and other. linux defect lmacken new 06/16/08
#194 Under Ubuntu Hardy, Unable to create bootable USB for distributions other than Fedora linux defect new 09/03/08
#358 Problem installing liveusb-creatur using YUM on Fedora 9 linux defect new 01/13/09
#468 Creation program just hangs when it reaches 100% windows defect new 02/18/09
#504 All worked fine, but any changes I make ie loading software such as open office or making a desktop change are lost on rebooting. linux defect new 02/28/09
#293 Calculation of persistent storage space is defective linux __future__ enhancement lmacken assigned 10/25/08
#363 refuses to run at root linux __future__ enhancement new 01/16/09
#618 method to add files to home.img __unclassified__ __future__ enhancement new 08/24/09
#22 Create Encrypted installation on USB stick liveusb.creator __future__ task lmacken new 05/15/08
#112 Support DVD live media __unclassified__ __future__ task reopened 06/26/08
#630 Add a right-click menu for ISO files. __unclassified__ __future__ task new 11/21/09
#799 Make our download progress more granular __unclassified__ __future__ task new 06/22/11
#246 Issue with live USB Creator windows __needinfo__ defect new 10/06/08
#308 liveusb-creator makes usb system that doesn't run on MSIWIND netbook linux __needinfo__ defect new 11/23/08
#310 Not booting from pendrive windows __needinfo__ defect new 11/26/08
#640 BootLoader installation always fail on a "generic" 32gb usb flash windows __needinfo__ defect new 12/07/09
#650 Got this error from the log file: No handlers could be found for logger "liveusb.creator" windows 3.6.x __needinfo__ defect new 02/08/10
#636 Progress bar bugs when downloading releases __unclassified__ __unclassified__ defect new 12/01/09
#806 No translations windows __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 11/16/12
#642 RFE: Boot from NTFS __unclassified__ __unclassified__ enhancement new 12/14/09
#803 liveusb-creator should inform about not enough space earlier linux __unclassified__ enhancement new 08/10/12
#804 Don't display unnecessary warnings fixed_in_git __unclassified__ enhancement lmacken assigned 08/10/12
#805 liveusb-creator should offer formating __unclassified__ __unclassified__ enhancement new 08/10/12
#628 Fedora Electronic Lab ISO not available for download windows __future__ enhancement new 11/19/09
#599 Unable to boot windows 2.0 __needinfo__ task reopened 04/05/09
#801 Wrong UUID set in syslinux.cfg after requested format fixed_in_git 3.6.x __unclassified__ defect lmacken assigned 05/31/12
#807 Use layout manager linux __unclassified__ defect new 11/16/12
#619 limit to 3999MB the persistent storage file size fixed_in_git v3.x defect reopened 09/08/09
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