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Linux-PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux) project

This is the development site for the Linux-PAM project.

Bug Reports

Please use the Linux-PAM ticket system to report bugs that are not distribution specific.

Mailing Lists

Linux-PAM user mailing list to discuss configuration issues and similar things.

Linux-PAM developers mailing list to discuss code changes, patches, enhancements, etc. This list is not for reporting bugs.

Mailing list for Linux-PAM git repository commit messages



Latest released version is 1.3.0

User visible changes:

  • Remove of static modules support
  • pam_unix: pass_not_set was removed
  • Lot of documentation fixes
  • Use TI-RPC function calls if we build against libtirpc
  • Add support for new, IPv6 enabled libnsl
  • Lot of bug fixes
  • Use for translations

GIT repository