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Welcome to the transbot wiki (originally lingobot)

Transbot is a small irc bot written in python, designed to translate languages between channels. Its useful for international meetings, so there can be separate channels for each language being spoken, and transbot will translate between the channels, effectively linking them together as one 'metachannel', if you will.

How to install

The entire project (rpm, spec, srpm, source, and tarball) can be found at

Just the rpm:
Just the tarball:

To grab the files from git, you can either go to and download the master snapshot, or execute this command:

git clone

This will create folder called 'lingobot' in your cwd that contains the rpm, spec, etc. *Note: you must install git ('yum install git' on a Fedora system) before this command will work.

Installing from the rpm (recommended)

Execute this as root:

rpm -ihv transbot-0.1-4.fc9.noarch.rpm

To remove:

rpm -e transbot

Installing from the tarball

tar -xf transbot-0.1.tar.gz
cd transbot-0.1
python install


Currently, no online documentation exists, but the tarball contains a README and installing the program (via either method) also installs a man page. To view:

man transbot 

Bug Filing

You can file bugs/enhancements simply by filing a new ticket at The form itself is relatively self explanatory, but help can be found at

The future of transbot

I'm hoping that this bot will be a launchpad for a bigger, more useful project. I don't have the programming experience to do what I'd like to see done with this, which is for transbot to eventually become, rather than a bot, a transparent layer that links channels in a clearer and more integrated manner. Rather than a bot, I'd like to see (possibly) a full fledged irc client designed specifically for multi-language channels, or maybe a plugin for an existing irc client.


To contact me, you can email me at jesusfreak91@…, or contact me on My nick is mcleanj, and I'm on most of the day during the weekdays, and sometimes the weekend as well.